A Reliable And Consistent Performer Within The Rotational Mix

Why Cotton Greater Flexibility

Rotating away from a cereal-based program with a broadleaf crop such as cotton allows the insertion of a disease and weed break into the crop rotation plan. The added ability to apply Roundup Ready® herbicide with PLANTSHIELD® by Monsanto over the top of Roundup Ready Flex® cotton simplifies weed management.

Cotton Choices™ also provides grower flexibility allowing Bollgard® 3, Bollgard II® and Roundup Ready Flex growers the ability to choose the best payment option for their technology fees, to suit the financial and production risks of their farm.

The introduction of Bollgard 3 and its more flexible resistance management plan has provided an easier way to grow cotton with:

  • Reduced refuge requirements – cotton varieties incorporating Bollgard 3 traits have decreased refuge area requirements, meaning greater area and resources can potentially be dedicated to growing profitable cotton
  • Bollgard 3 has also facilitated changes to pupae busting requirements, providing more flexibility to enable double cropping out of cotton and allowing growers to retain valuable stubble. This allows greater moisture conservation and helps to prevent erosion.

For more information on the Bollgard 3 Resistance Management Plans, including growing an effective refuge and area, visit the Bollgard 3 site